Tap Box Advantage

The Powerton Tap Box Quick Connect takes out the guesswork. When temporary power is a necessity, don't rely on traditional clumsy methods of connecting a temporary generator. Lost productivity is time, and time is money!
In a perfect world, electrical energy would be cheap, plentiful, clean, always available and uninterrupted. In reality, this is not a reasonable expectation but there are various technologies available to improve the quality and reliability of your power. A generator could also be installed to backup power in the event of a long term outage. A permanent generator and the annual maintenance expense may not fit your budget. In many cases, it is difficult to justify a permanent generator especially if the building is leased.
A more efficient and practical alternative is to make the facility "generator ready". The facilities critical power requirements can be up and running within 10 minutes of the arrival of the mobile generator. The issues of important questions about sizing, voltage, loads, generator location, and cable length are all predetermined. 
Powertron Tap Box vs. Generator
 Powertron Tap BoxTraditional Methods
Site RequirementsPredeterminedPanic Scramble
ConnectionsPre-wired & QuickTime Consuming & Requires an Electrician
Generator SizePredeterminedEducated Guess
Cable LengthsPre-plannedBest Guess
Cable RunsClean/OrganizedLoss of Site Security via Windows/Doors
Power-up TimeMinutesHours
CostBudgetedEmergency Premium
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