Powertron is your resource for emergency generator tap box's and portable generator accessories. Our unique patent designed tap box's include phase rotation monitors, manual transfer switches, and molded case breakers to name a few.

Our commitment is to engineer and manufacture premier off the shelf products that will make your facility "Emergency Power Ready". Give us a call to learn more about the difference when connecting with Powertron.

Tap Box Quick Look

UL Classifications
Features and Benefits
Tap Box's have many variations and features which may change a UL Listing. For example, a male or female cam-lock connector can completely change the classification of the UL Listing. Read more to learn about the differences in series type and features that may change UL's classification.
Although a tap box is basically an enclosure, cam-lock connectors, and bus bar; our unique design and specific features can make it so much more. Check out Powertron's new look and distinguishing features.
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