Powertron Tap Box

When you experience frequent power failures, a permanent natural gas or diesel genset is the best solution. Whenever the utility fails, power is restored within seconds.

When the cost of a permanent generator is prohibitive and there is a need to restore power to critical areas, the PowertronSM tap box is an economical and safe solution. You can be up and running within minutes from the time the portable generator is delivered, compared to the many hours it takes when no connection device is available.

  • The PowertronSM 400 amp through 1600 amp tap boxes are pass-through devices used with a manual or automatic transfer switch
  • The PowertronSM tap box is ready to receive temporary power fast and safely with virtually no disruption to the operation of your business
  • 2000 through 4000 amp tap boxes and stainless steel options are available special order
Tap Box 400 Amp

Tap Box 400 Amp UL
Tap Box 800 Amp Tap Box 1200 Amp

Tap Box 1600 Amp