Camlock Generator Box

Having a solution to quickly and safely make a portable generator connection to your electrical distribution system is becoming increasingly important and in some cases is required. You never know when you will need it and when you do, you want to have confidence your solution will work. When it comes to generator connection solutions there are a wide variety of designs available in the market today. To alleviate your concerns about your installation, UL now requires all standby power connection boxes to be designed, tested and manufactured to specific standards. As a result, Powertron now provides a new family of standby power connection solutions that are designed, tested, manufactured and listed to the UL standards and provide you with a reliable solution to quickly and safely connect to a portable generator for standby power.

Cam-Lock Connection to Generator Tap Box

The new UL listing for permanently-installed, inlet-style assemblies, which are intended for temporary connection to a generator for standby power is covered under UL listed Standard Requirements for Inlet Assemblies for Transfer Switch Equipment. Powertron offers the cam-lock generator tap box design that has been tested, approved and listed under the UL listing.

The generator tap box incorporates cam-lock receptacles for generator connection that are wired back to the standby power disconnect in the electrical distribution equipment. The cam-lock receptacles are color coded and marked for connection sequence, as well as barriered from the mechanical lugs for safety. The generator tap box provides a quick, safe and reliable connection to a portable generator for standby power purposes.

When you experience frequent power failures, a permanent natural gas or diesel genset is the best solution. Whenever the utility fails, power is restored within seconds. When the cost of a permanent generator is prohibitive and there is a need to restore power to critical areas, the PowertronSM tap box is an economical solution. You can be up and running within minutes from the time the portable generator is delivered, compared to the many hours it takes when no connection device is available. Click to view Powertron Tap Box products.

  • Does your disaster recovery plan require temporary power?
  • Are you prepared for a power outage?
  • How quickly could you connect temporary power to your system?